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Randy J. Ray rjray at
Tue May 22 00:24:30 BST 2007

David Cantrell wrote:
> I have some data that is unfortunately in "Western (Mac OS Roman)",
> whatever the fuck that is.  I need to turn it into ISO-8859-1.  Ideally,
> I don't want to be able to only do the conversion on a Mac, but if I
> have to then so be it.
> How?
> Of course, only an utter cock would suggest that I use different tools,
> or tell me to use some other flavour-of-the-month encoding.  And no-one
> here is an utter cock.  Are they.  Good, glad we've got that sorted.

I believe the vast and exceedingly-thorough Encode module may be of help here. 
I won't reproduce the pod page, but I will offer a search.cpan link:

I don't know for certain that it covers "Western (Mac OS Roman)", but I would 
be surprised if it didn't.

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