Your very own server alex at
Thu May 31 11:35:47 BST 2007

Would this be in the redpoint Rack which used to be at Mailbox in Fulham?

I have a flexiserv 1u box there which is going to be switched off soon.
I'm going to have to physically collect it sometime soon. I was wondering
whether other'ers are in a similar situation.

PS I am renting a dedicated host off of Bytemark at an extortionate rate :-)


> I have a fast Debian server in Telehouse on a fast line and I'd like
> it to let it be loved by someone new. It's all set up and ready to go,
> I'd pass over root permission, monthly contract, and you'd be the
> master of the /home and beyond. It's an Intel midi-tower, 1GB RAM,
> about three years old, three disks, two configured in hardware RAID,
> super reliable altho the NIC could probably use a replacement (for
> reasons I can explain to any interested parties). Monthly contract is
> 50quid/month (paid to another friendly'er) for
> all-you-can-leech bandwidth. I'm not sure if it's burst-capped but
> I've seen it go /very/ fast off-LAN, so I'm assuming 100Mbps.
> You can have the machine for couple hundred quid, obo.
> P

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