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Hi Dave,

A couple of questions:

1.  I noticed you listed Devel::DProf.  I've had lots of success 
generating segfaults with that and others have commented the same.  I 
prefer Devel::Profile (it's only segfaulted once for me and, oddly, 
Devel::DProf worked on the same code base).  Is there a particular 
reason you prefer Devel::DProf to Devel::Profile?

2.  There are plenty of excellent tools listed, but I didn't notice much 
about useful strategies for *organizing* code.  MVC, Catalyst, or other 
techniques for creating structured systems.  I've seen lots of 
developers use great tools but put things together so haphazardly that 
the tools are of little use.  Was it too much to fit in?


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