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Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Tue Jun 5 11:05:08 BST 2007

Ovid wrote:
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> Hi Dave,
> A couple of questions:
> 1.  I noticed you listed Devel::DProf.  I've had lots of success 
> generating segfaults with that and others have commented the same.  I 
> prefer Devel::Profile (it's only segfaulted once for me and, oddly, 
> Devel::DProf worked on the same code base).  Is there a particular 
> reason you prefer Devel::DProf to Devel::Profile?

I don't think I've ever encountered a segfault with Devel::DProf (but 
I've heard other people mention them). That may just be because I've 
never really made heavy use of the module.

I talked about Deve::DProf because it's part of the Perl distribution, 
so it's there for people to try out as soon as they get back to their 
computers. I knew there were other options, but I didn't have time to go 
into them - so I hoped that the reference to the relevant chapter of 
"Mastering Perl" would suffice.

> 2.  There are plenty of excellent tools listed, but I didn't notice much 
> about useful strategies for *organizing* code.  MVC, Catalyst, or other 
> techniques for creating structured systems.  I've seen lots of 
> developers use great tools but put things together so haphazardly that 
> the tools are of little use.  Was it too much to fit in?

That would, of course, have been the next obvious thing to put in. I 
covered M (ORM) and V (templating) but just didn't have the time to put 
it all together as MVC.


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