[JOB] Perl / Database Developer - Financial Sector

Peter Hickman peter.hickman at semantico.com
Wed Jun 6 13:30:29 BST 2007

Joel Bernstein wrote:
> How does one get into the financial industry given it requires 3+ years
> working knowledge? Doesn't this sound like a Catch-22 to anybody else?
> /joel
It is, but I just happen to have five years experience in the financial 
industry (as a VAX Basic programmer) and the requisite Perl experience 
(from the EPOS and Web Development) so I could apply. To get into the 
finance industry (or the city) you need to patchwork your CV together 
from all sorts of jobs but the biggest factor is financial industry 
experience, each years industry experience is worth around 3 years of 
programming skills. So 3 years industry experience with 1 year of 
programming puts you in better stead than 1 years industry experience 
and 10 years programming.

Trust me, when I had 3 years industry experience and 15+ years 
programming they still wanted more industry experience. With 5 and 20+ I 
might get an interview :)

But I probably wouldn't get the job.

Peter Hickman.

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