[JOB] Perl / Database Developer - Financial Sector

ben@bpfh.net ben at bpfh.net
Wed Jun 6 14:48:23 BST 2007

On Wed, Jun 06, 2007 at 01:08:59PM +0100, Pete Sergeant wrote:
>On Wed, Jun 06, 2007 at 12:29:06PM +0100, Joel Bernstein wrote:
>> How does one get into the financial industry given it requires 3+
>> years working knowledge? Doesn't this sound like a Catch-22 to anybody
>> else?
>Presumably there's an elaborate hazing ritual that includes:
>* Long hours
>* Average pay
>* Really really long hours
>* Stress
>* Working 10 hour days

Well, that depends on which bit of the bank you work in. In back / middle
office or a pure technology role, not so much.

I typically work 40-44 hrs per week, but in fairness, if you don't have
the attitude to work which makes you committed to getting things fixed 
when things *really* break (which will happen every 6-18 months or so,
depending on your systems) then you probably aren't cut out for finance.

Personally, I find the rewards (both financial and in terms of a nice 
environment and really nice people) to be far beyond any other job
I've ever had. YMMV.

>* Opting out of working time regulations

I do wish people would get over this one. Most of the people who object 
to waiving it have no idea exactly how hard your employer can work you
even without breaking the WTD. 

If I'd been worked at 48 hrs per week for 25 weeks and 47 for the 
remaining week (which would not put my employer in violation of the WTD)
I'd be looking for another job.


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