needs some advice - is london ok for Perl jobs or other cities. asmith9983 at
Fri Jun 8 22:06:35 BST 2007

Hi abhishek

I did a one year full time MBA  in 1989/90 at Edinburgh University, and 
frequently attend talks for Alumnus, to keep  informed of the latest 

When the course is advertised as full-time, it should be 24x7, as the volume 
of reading just to keep up with the course and projects leaves little time for 
any other activity.
For example, I had no Christmas break as I had to spend the time in the 
Library of Scotland researching newspaper and related media data to  produce a 
strategy for reversing the declining circulation of the Daily Telegraph. There 
was a huge volume of lecturing which you really must understand,  on topics 
like employment tribunal decisions where the outcome seems to defy normal 
logic. Accountancy and Finance and Economics is OK for anyone with a 
mathematical or science background. Psychology  is fun.
The places you have offers from, may differ from Edinburgh University which is 
"Ranked 82nd globally by Financial Times (a rise of 11 places on 2005), 20th 
in Europe and 12th in UK. This compares with the 2005 economist rankings that 
place us 7th in UK, 14th in Europe and 35th in the world". Not INSEAD or 
Harvard, but probably more affordable.

You should be aware that many Universities(Cambridge) dislike you doing 
part-time work.
On the other hand you may be extremely able, and have limit-less energy to 

Andrew Smith B.Sc(Hons, MBA
  in edinburgh

On Fri, 8 Jun 2007, abhishek jain wrote:

> Hi friends,
> Am a member of the bangalore perl monger group
> (I am in india)and want to do MBA from UK, have options from kingston
> , leeds and bradford.
> I am sure you cant help me with the selection (Can you?), anyways What
> i want to ask is as the kingston fall near to london and i am planning
> to do some part time job as well, is there jobs available in London ,
> or i should rephrase the question that Perl-wise which location is
> better Kingston or a far city like in Bradford or so.
> Also is there part time jobs available for a 3-4 yrs experienced guy
> in London in PERL. If yes than what kind of.
> I am not sure the mail matches the guidelines but just a small
> guidance from you, i can be reached as a reply to this email or a call
> at a voip phone to +44 - 161 261 7786.
> Have a lot of questions , BTW pl. visit the bangalore pm site and give
> you inputs.

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