needs some advice - is london ok for Perl jobs or other cities.

Dirk Koopman djk at
Sat Jun 9 12:10:13 BST 2007

abhishek jain wrote:
> Hi friends,
> Am a member of the bangalore perl monger group
> (I am in india)and want to do MBA from UK, have options from kingston
> , leeds and bradford.
> I am sure you cant help me with the selection (Can you?), anyways What
> i want to ask is as the kingston fall near to london and i am planning
> to do some part time job as well, is there jobs available in London ,
> or i should rephrase the question that Perl-wise which location is
> better Kingston or a far city like in Bradford or so.

Kingston Poly^HUniversity (I am *that* old) is now very popular with 
people that (have families that) originate from the Indian 
sub-continent. Or so my young son that graduated last year tells me. 
There are also more women than men, if that is a consideration.

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