XSD modules?

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Thu Jun 14 16:20:01 BST 2007

* Matt Wilson (codebrewery at gmail.com) [070614 14:47]:
> On 6/14/07, Mark Overmeer <mark at overmeer.net> wrote:
> >* Matt Wilson (codebrewery at gmail.com) [070614 14:01]:
> >> Has anybody else done anything with XSDs and can point me in the
> >> direction of a useful module?
> >
> >You question is just a little too abstract.  XML can be used in
> >many ways, and for each purpose, there are selection of modules.
> What's so abstract about it?
> "loading of XSD files and accessing information related to tags and
> their attributes"
> I could have mentioned that its the tags and attributes that it
> describes, but I assumed people would realise that.

Ok.  Another attempt to help you.  There is a reason why so many
XML modules exist on CPAN.

An XSD file is an XML schema component.  If you wish to address
elements or tags within this schema, just treat it as any other XML.
So you can use any XPath module or any XML parser to collect your
data.  There are dozens of them.
But that seems to be a too silly simple answer.  So that's why I
expected there is more behind your question than the words tell.
That's why I asked for more details.

The weird thing in your question is that you usually already know the
schema (it is static), and you usually want to process the elements
and attributes in the messages produced with the schema.

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