XSD modules?

Matt Wilson codebrewery at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 16:41:03 BST 2007

> The weird thing in your question is that you usually already know the
> schema (it is static), and you usually want to process the elements
> and attributes in the messages produced with the schema.

OK, perhaps I should explain exactly what I'm trying to do, because I
suspect the lack of context is causing confusion.

I'm in the process of adding element (e.g. hr, acronym, body) and
attribute (e.g. id, href, style) intellisense-style autocompletion to
an XML editor, which means I need to be able to load an XSD file and
query it for a list of elements within a namespace, or a list of
attributes for a particular element.

I hope that makes more sense.

As for treating it as XML - that's what my test code is doing, but due
to the complexity of XSDs I was hoping that somebody had already done
the work for me and that my searching ability was letting me down.

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