Mailman (was Re: [ANNOUNCE]

Dave Cross dave at
Fri Jun 15 08:58:41 BST 2007

Jonathan McKeown wrote:
> On Thursday 14 June 2007 18:13, Dave Cross wrote:
>> I have the fix. It's my fault. Mailman barfs on mailing lists with a '.'
>> in the name. Which is why they're all called "foo-pm" and not "".
> Hang on, I've got two lists called hst.dbn and hst.all, which work absolutely 
> fine on Mailman 2.1.8. Are you sure it's Mailman barfing?

Not at all. I'm just trusting what the admins tell me.

Actually, it might not be Mailman. They have a automatic job that picks 
up new Mailman lists and adds the required aliases to the system. It 
might be that program that's complaining.

Anyway. It all works now. The list is called thamesvalley-pm. We have 
people posting. And I've just started the first reply-to munging debate. 
It's best to get these things over and done with :)


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