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Simon Burr simes at
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On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 01:13:30PM +0100, asmith9983 at wrote:
>I've a 200Gb Maxtor that died, and I wanted to look to see if it had 
>scraped the oxide, but I didn't have a Torx small enough.  What size did 
>you use ?

I seem to remember using a T-5 or T-6 torx head. It does actually depend on
the manufacturer so its easier to get a small set which has a range of the
Torx bits available. Maplins have a small set of T-5, T-6 and T-7 screwdrivers
for not much; the order code for that is N10BB. You can get smaller, but its
the sort of thing you need to specialist places for; I picked some T-3 and
T-4 bits from Mackays in Cambridge when I lived there.

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