[JOB] mySociety looking for a couple of contractors

Sam Smith S at mSmith.net
Fri Jun 15 14:01:44 BST 2007

Some of the contractors or students free over the summer on
the list may be interested the first one of the below.


Hi there,

Last weekend was an away weekend for many of the core paid and
voluntary staff at mySociety.

One of the many, many things that came out of it was the need for a
couple of extra paid people, at least on an experimental basis.

1. A world class open source web developer who can hold his own with
the Irvings and Somervilles of this world. Design skills a big bonus.

2. Someone who can help mySociety generate cash for its charitable
works through helping us sell spinoffs of our sites to companies or
organisations who can benefit from them.

The sites include:
plus new developments.

This is just an informal ask, not a recruiting round, so if either of
these things interests you at all, or might interest people you know,
please drop an email to me at tom at mysociety.org.

all the best,


Director, mySociety
07811 082158
New: www.NeighbourhoodFixIt.com

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