command line flac

Nicholas Clark nick at
Wed Jun 20 10:23:28 BST 2007

So, I've been ripping CDs to flac format. And I've tried to play some tracks
with VLC, and it's jumping. Turns out that it's getting sulky about:

[00000518] flacdec decoder error: frame's data did not match the CRC in the footer.

although, even more hatefully, it doesn't alway display that error message

But if I run flac --test on the file, flac thinks that it's fine. So I wonder
if it's a CRC calculation bug in VLC, which appears to have its own flac
decoding code.

Anyway, VLC wants to open a window, and I'm not always keen on that.
So, what's a good command line player of things in flac format?

Nicholas Clark

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