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Thu Jun 28 18:12:37 BST 2007

On Thu, Jun 28, 2007 at 06:32:13PM +0200, Merijn Broeren wrote:
> Quoting David Cantrell (david at
> > GBP470 in total, or 385 if you go second class.  Which is cheaper and
> > more pleasant than flying.
> Cheaper? 
> Flight  £154.00      	
> 14:55 Depart London (LHR) Arrive Vienna (VIE) 18:10 	Fri 24-Aug
> 11:40 Depart Vienna (VIE)
> Arrive London (LHR) 13:05 	Fri 31-Aug Duration: 2hr 25min 	

Huh, that didn't come up when I searched.  Of course, don't forget to
add the cost of getting into and out of town at both ends, plus the cost
of not being permitted to take both your laptop and your camera with
you unless you want one of them to be lost/smashed/stolen.

> More pleasant is debatable. LHR is a major downer ofcourse, but being
> cooped up for 20 hours in a train with 3 changes, one of which a
> intracity one I would consider it a balance between ordeals. 

The intra-city one is a not particularly unpleasant half mile walk if I
remember right.  On the trains you get bigger seats, far better food and
booze, a pleasant view, power, and sometimes interweb.  Oh, and they
arrive on time.  Frankly, I question the sanity of people who fly.

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