The joys of commuting [was Re: [SOCIAL] Thursday July the 5th...]

Peter Corlett abuse at
Fri Jul 6 00:14:45 BST 2007

On 5 Jul 2007, at 23:43, Ash Berlin wrote:
> What kind of work was it doing? I know a few of the companies in  
> the business park out in Theale...

There wasn't enough detail: all I have is the job title of "Perl  
Developer" and the salary of £24-27k. Which doesn't exactly buy you  
much in the south-east. (It got me a three bed house in Studley.)

I assume that the client is looking for somebody more junior than I,  
and the pimp didn't bother looking at anything other than my current  
job title when doing their keyword matching.

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