needs some advice - is london ok for Perl jobs or other cities.

Andy Armstrong andy at
Tue Jul 10 23:04:21 BST 2007

Nicholas Clark wrote:
> You're not north. It's still somewhere beyond you. That's all.

It sounds positively mythic now :)

> Anyway, I'm told that it's grim up north, and the area round Hadrian's Wall
> is anything but, so I dispute that you're in the "north" of legend.

I know. Fantastic beaches in Northumberland too. We try to keep quiet
about it for obvious reasons.

> (The flipside is when you're driving from London to Newcastle, and around
> Leeds you still have one third of the distance to go. Therefore Leeds isn't
> really north.)

Damn right. As far as I'm aware jellied eels are standard fare in Leeds.

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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