Exception Handling

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Wed Jul 11 11:51:17 BST 2007

(I apologise in advance for the on-topic[1] nature of this mail)

A couple of years ago, I can remember sitting in Fotango's office  
listening to Mark Fowler give an interesting talk about the various  
Perl exception handling modules. As I recall it ended by saying they  
all had their faults which is why he had written another one.

We're currently contemplating changing the exception handling for the  
project I'm maintaining and Mark's talk would be a good introduction  
to the issues we need to consider. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to  
be on the tech talk page on the web site[2].

So, does anyone have either a) a link to that talk or b) an  
interesting opinion on which exception handlers I should be  



[1] Or is that "off-topic"? I can never remember.
[2] http://london.pm.org/tech_talks/

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