OpenGuides Hackfest - 21st/22nd July 2007

Kake L Pugh kake at
Tue Jul 17 23:26:53 BST 2007

I am pleased to announce that there will be Yet Another OpenGuides[0]
hackfest in Bermondsey, London, on the weekend of 21st-22nd July 2007.
(That's this weekend coming.)

In brief:

When:   noon-10pm Saturday 21st July,
        noon-5pm Sunday 22nd July
Where:  Kake/Bob/doop house, near Bermondsey station
What:   OpenGuides bugfixing and new feature implementation
Who:    Programmers and testers

We'll be working on fixing bugs and implementing new features.
Everyone who can contribute is welcome, both programmers and testers.

The venue is Kake's and Bob's and doop's house, a couple of minutes'
walk from Bermondsey station, which is one stop east along the Jubilee
line from London Bridge station.  Please contact me at kake at
if you don't already know the address - for those with livejournal
accounts there's a friends-locked post with address and directions at

We'll start on the Saturday around noon with introductions and an
initial discussion (I'll provide lunch; let me know if you have any
particular dietary restriction).  We'll continue until people are
tired (no later than 10pm), and will order some form of takeaway for
dinner, probably around 8-ish.  We'll reconvene on Sunday, again at
noon, again with lunch, but probably knock off a bit earlier, say 5pm-6pm.

Please feel free to come to some or all of this.  Any form of
structure will be decided as we go along.


[0] For those who don't know what OpenGuides is: it's a wiki-based
application written in Perl, designed for running a website about some
subject where geographical location is important.  One of its main
differences from other wiki software is its use of structured data.

Main project website:

Recent ONLamp article:

London-based guides running on the OpenGuides software:

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