NTLM/Apache/Perl Authentication

Jason Tang jason at dragor.net
Thu Jul 26 16:52:05 BST 2007

Hi all

I'm in need of some help - mental help soon if I'm unlucky. I've been given
the lovely task of prepopulating a text box with the username. I looked
around and came across Apache::AuthenNTLM which seems to vaguely do what
I'm after in terms of getting logon credentials from the browser.

I understand I needed to added to the server I'm running it all on to
the trusted intranet machines list via IE6:

Tool -> Internet Options -> Security -> Local Intranet -> Site ->
Advanced etc

.. which I've done, though doesn't show up anywhere after that, yet
doesn't allow me to add it again because it exists on a list somewhere.

So what I think I need to do to get to the goal I'm after is to..

1. ensure IE *IS* sending the logon credentials
2. the perl is set up correctly to receive the above
3. pluck it out of some object/hash ref for prepopulating a field

However if any of you guys have a better idea I'm all ears. I dont doubt
I've been too busy banging my head against the wall I've probably missed
something really obvious.



Jason Tang  - email: jason at dragor.net - msn: jason-msn at dragor.net

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