[londonperl] Re: turncoat

David Alban extasia at extasia.org
Thu Jul 26 16:58:19 BST 2007

I consider an interesting perl job to be using perl to build tools to
solve problems in sysadmin; automation; monitoring; data/text
transformation; and unix in general.  I wouldn't expect the majority
of perl folk to find that interesting.  I'm fairly sure that most perl
folk are application developers.

P.S.  If you know anyone who'd like to do the work I've described
above, there's an opening (in San Francisco, though, not in London) in
my company's release engineering group.

On 7/26/07, Tom Hukins <tom at eborcom.com> wrote:
> What would an interesting Perl job look
> like?

Live in a world of your own, but always welcome visitors.

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