Dave Hodgkinson davehodg at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 23:09:57 BST 2007

On 26 Jul 2007, at 15:28, Peter Corlett wrote:

> With the dearth of any interesting Perl jobs out there, I'm  
> thinking that I should probably retrain in something that people  
> are actually hiring for. A quick poke around Jobserve indicates  
> that Java jobs pay enough coin that I can afford to take loads of  
> time off to hack on interesting Perl stuff.

Scott Adams had an interesting blog recently about skillz. The choice  
seems to be either be
the best at one thing (hard) or reasonably good at two vaguely random  
things (easier).

What can you add to the perl thing that makes you unique?


Dave Hodgkinson
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