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Thu Jul 26 16:33:35 BST 2007

--- Denny <london.pm at metamathics.org> wrote:

> > I thought there was a whole host of agents looking for good perl
> people, in 
> > the UK, not long ago, and on the london list, too.  What happened
> to them?
> They're not very interesting.

True. Many jobs I see on the lists are very boring.
> Mostly this seems to translate to "they're not offering enough money"

Compared to other programming languages, this is true.  It kills me to
see Java and C# programmers routinely getting offered £10 to £15K more
than Perl programmers for similar positions.  If there were a glut of
Perl programmers, that would make sense, but since companies are having
trouble *filling* the substandard wage roles, sooner or later the
market will correct itself.  Either we'll have more people leaving Perl
or companies will step up to the plate.  

If enough really top-notch people leave Perl, that means that the
companies will be in an even tighter bind and the cash should come
sooner, assuming they're not in a position to dump Perl.


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