Advanced Perl Course

Edward Quick edwardquick at
Mon Aug 6 17:46:35 BST 2007

> > I am looking for an advanced perl course, preferably classroom based and
> > close to London. I found one on your website
> > which sounds quite good
> > but tried calling and couldn't get through. Could anyone recommend one
> > please?
>I'm not quie sure what gave you the idea that the IT Trainers course is
>somehow related to - I'm guessing maybe in a mailing list
>archive somewhere although I can't find a reference at the moment.

There was a link on the website somewhere to
Though I can't find it now either. I promise you I'm not trying to promote 
anyone here, but genuinely find a good course pitched at a higher level. 
Most Perl course are just for beginners.

>On the other hand there may be some people on this list who might be
>able to recommend something. What sort of thing were you looking at? For
>example is it just you or is it for a company? Is what you're looking
>for roughly what was on the syllabus for the course you linked to or are
>there any specific topics you want to learn?

I thought the syllabus at IT Trainers looked very comprehensive, and covered 
a wide range of topics. Personally though, I'm not that interested in 
learning DBI/DBD SQL Programming as  I already have experience in that, but 
I'd like to write more sophisticated code, and write modules for CPAN.

>List type people: Does anyone have an experience with the IT Trainers
>people? Are Learning Tree still around?

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