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Andy Armstrong andy at
Tue Aug 7 22:53:02 BST 2007

On 7 Aug 2007, at 21:16, Randy J. Ray wrote:
>> It's Mac OS X only - but TextMate is a really lovely programmer's.  
>> Well, that's a vim user's view of it anyway :)
> Yes, but I'd have to buy a Mac in order to use it. Rather expensive  
> piece of software, that :-).

My PowerBook broke six weeks ago so I did two weeks of cold turkey  
with Ubuntu - which is absolutely lovely and really rather  
impressive. That made me learn vim properly - muscle memory rather  
than just theoretically knowing what it can do. By the time the  
replacement MBP arrived I'd almost convinced myself it was an  
unnecessary indulgence. Almost. It was like coming home after a  
protracted stay somewhere perfectly nice - but not home.

I am, of course, sickened to learn that I've been reduced to fawning  
Mac fanboy - but, hey, self knowledge leads to enlightenment, right? :)

Andy Armstrong,

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