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Jonathan Lloyd webmaster at
Wed Aug 8 06:17:20 BST 2007

Hey Ed,

I have been using ActiveState's Komodo for quite some time now, and I really
enjoy it.  I bought it on the company's dime, but if you can afford it I
think it's worth a look (because they do offer a trial).

It ties in with CVS and SVN, can directly connect to ftp servers to make
changes remotely, runs on both Windows and Linux, and best of all does
in-line syntax checking (for when you miss that pesky semi-colon or curly

Plus, ActiveState is great about licensing.  I e-mailed them before I made
the purchase, and let them know that I have both an office machine, laptop,
and home machine that I would be installing the software on, and they said
that is wasn't a problem.  "One user, one license."

Is it worth the price tag?  Probably not.  But if you can afford some
luxuries, I would definitely recommend it.

--Jonathan Lloyd

On 8/7/07, Andy Armstrong <andy at> wrote:
> On 7 Aug 2007, at 21:37, chromatic wrote:
> > Mind, it's not so great at the actual *computing* bits, but we're
> > talking
> > lifestyle here.
> Oooh, get her! :)
> --
> Andy Armstrong,

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