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Matt Sergeant msergeant at
Wed Aug 8 15:15:44 BST 2007

On 8-Aug-07, at 9:50 AM, Paul Orrock wrote:

> Matt S Trout wrote:
>> I just can't bring myself to live without focus follows mouse :)
> I keep trying it every few months to see if I can get used to it  
> and I never can. What I really want is "focus follows eyesight" but  
> I guess that's a few years away yet.

Shouldn't be that far away actually. Canon now has cameras that will  
"focus" where your eye is looking. Shouldn't be too hard to retro-fit  
it to an OS. I bet with Mac OS X and the built-in iSight cameras and  
the Quicktime access to the output from them it'd be a SMOP.

I actually wouldn't want the window focus to follow my eyesight  
though - I regularly browse across at other windows (e.g. IRC)  
without wanting the focus to move away from the window I'm working/ 
typing in.


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