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Merijn Broeren merijnb at
Sun Aug 12 18:12:31 BST 2007

Quoting Nicholas Clark (nick at
> (yes, a somewhat strange way of phrasing it. But you are one of the few
> people promoting ex-employers. Most people I know have left (other) employers
> for objective, valid reasons, which were usually things that would put
> potential new employees off. Where the reasons were not that the company was
> in a tunnel (all jobs suck, therefore all companies are in one), but that
> there was still no light at the end tunnel, and no prospect of it)
Conversely, I have never left a company because of the company or the
job. :-) It was always because I wanted to move country or career [1]. 

[1] In the sense of moving for instance from teaching to computing, or
like a current collegue of mine from project management to medicine. 
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