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Fri Aug 17 17:18:26 BST 2007

Dear List,

I have been a passive member of this list for last one year. I am posting
for the first time for
some advice. I love this group.

What advice or pointer would you offer to a 25 year old intermediate level
Perl programmer if
he says, he has
strong experience in writing web crawlers and would like to go for a research
masters degree related to search engine, web crawling, data mining or
information retrieval in
London (or at least UK)?

Additional info:
The subject (me) has a graduation in Computer Engineering. He is from
He is possibly the only guy in that country who works with Perl. He has been
telecommuting to
different companies in USA/Canada for last few years as Perl programmer. He
is also quite good in
Java, C, PHP and MySQL, but loves Perl more.

You can refer to any university or researcher or area of research. He
would be really grateful.
Thank you all.

Saifullah Mahmud Sumon

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