oh no, not a perl question.

Nic Gibson nicg at noslogan.org
Thu Aug 30 14:39:42 BST 2007

On 30/08/2007, Jonathan Stowe <jns at gellyfish.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-08-30 at 13:30 +0100, Nic Gibson wrote:
> > Afternoon
> >
> > I've got one of those perl questions...
> >
> > I'm putting together a bunch of scripts that do 'stuff'. This stuff
> > involves running
> > other scripts and  executables. I need to capture three things from
> > the externals
> > that I'm running - standard input, standard output and exit status.
> >
> > I don't seem to be able to find a sane way to get all three.
> >
> > open3 doesn't give me a sensible way to get the child's exit status as
> > far as I can tell.
> If you waitpid() on the PID returned by IPC::Open3 then $? will have the
> status of the process.

And if I had my code in the right order that would have worked.
I'm a twit or something...

Normally, I don't need to do this sort of glue coding. Guess this is a
good learning experience.


who just realised that he sent several replies via the wrong email address.

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