Tube Strike (Was: [ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] Social at Dirty Dicks, Thursday 6th September)

Smylers Smylers at
Mon Sep 3 12:33:02 BST 2007

Iain Tatch writes:

> AIUI it's metronet staff who are responsible for doing safety checks
> on the trains each morning before they go into service.

Makes sense.

> To answer the original question, my understanding is that the Jubilee,
> Northern and Piccadilly ought to carry on as normal during the strike.

Thanks.  I now see that TFL have finally admitted that[*0]:

Which is a lot more helpful than their previous stance of "we're trying
very hard to ignore the strike", presuming that everybody knows the
details of the strike in question, or doesn't need to know about it in
advance for planning purposes.

They also suggest it'll be Friday morning before services are back to
normal, so if the strike does go ahead it will affect our gathering on

> Iain (goes back to lurking)

Well thank you very much for de-lurking to answer my questions; much

  [*0]  By the way, I like that "default.html" at the end of the URL;
  removing it doesn't yield the same page (in fact it 404s), so it is no
  way default.


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