Tube Strike (Was: [ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] Social at Dirty Dicks, Thursday 6th September)

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Mon Sep 3 13:08:16 BST 2007

Smylers <Smylers at> writes:

> Peter Corlett writes:
>> I can't help thinking that the unions are being somewhat unreasonable
>> about all of this, although that seems to be the main purpose of
>> unions IMO. The employer has gone bust, and in any other industry
>> that's game over and they're all looking for jobs. TFL have also made
>> this statement, which seems clear enough and quite fair:
>>    "Both the Mayor and the direct employers, the Administrator and
>>    Metronet, have given the trades unions clear written assurances
>>    that meet all of their concerns, namely that there will be no job
>>    cuts or transfers as a result of the collapse of Metronet and no
>>    loss of pensions now or at any time in the future.
> I don't understand that "no transfers" bit.  Metronet has collapsed; the
> work that was being done by Metronet will be taken over by other
> organizations -- surely the staff would _want_ to be transferred to the
> other organizations, rather than stay with the one that's got no money
> and no work?

I parsed that as "people will not be transferred to different jobs,"
i.e. they'll keep doing the same job as they do now in the new

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