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> On Tue, Sep 04, 2007 at 11:21:01AM +0100, IvorW wrote:> > Pete Sergeant wrote:> > > I'm yet to meet an NLP practitioner who's having anything near the> > > promised success it's meant to bring in almost any area of their lives -> > > this has been the driving factor behind me not doing a similar course> > > myself...> >> > You want to meet one? That can be arranged :)> > I'm sure at least one exists. They do seem to be the exception, rather> than the rule though.> > -P
Well you might always like to consider people like Anthony Robbins of course... And anyone who knows Ivor should be honestly able to attest to the visible difference in him as a person having done NLP has made. There is a good reason why he is so gung ho about NLP - it has obviously worked for him.
On the other hand, as someone who does a reasonable amount of mental work, it seriously worries me that people can do 9 day NLP practitioner courses and come out feeling ready to take up private practice. There is a reason proper professional counselling courses take a minimum of a year and usually involve having to spend time in therapy, regardless of the individuals degree of mental health. Inexperienced, unsupervised people practicing mental health can do a lot of damage and put people off appropriate care. I know because I've talking to them.
Swish patterns and other NLP techniques can certainly work on some people - but there is a whole lot more to mental health than that. And ask yourself, if these techniques were really a general panacea, why hasn't mainstream psychology jumped on all of them. Having actually tried some of Richard Bandler's ideas on people with schizophrenia, I can tell you exactly why they don't work - despite sounding good to a layman on a 9 day course who has probably never talked to someone with schizophrenia - let alone being to make an accurate diagnosis.
I can point at all sorts of NLP'ers (try finding out Major Mark for instance) who, although achieving a certain level of success is some areas of their life, and complete moral reprobates in other areas.

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