Why Perl needs a VM

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> > I'm sure it's a good tool, but unfortunately not everyone is in a 
> > position to download and install random bits of code from 
> the Internet 
> > into their work Outlook.
> The last I checked, cursor keys worked in Outlook just fine 
> without any third-party hacks, so there is no reason for 
> top-posting just because the cursor happens to be there. It's 
> a bit like crapping in your pants because that's where your 
> arse happens to be.

Very true.. And quite amusing.

I had until recently accepted that my brand spanking new, outlook
enabled ,PC, was replying to emails without any characters prefixed..
Just one large body of text.  Kind of hard to entwine text into..
For 'whatever reason,' it seems that outlook has been prepending '>'s
Suppose I just got used to it as was... Surreal.

That said, you've had two apologies - although as usual far more effort
wasted on complaints..


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