Pointless Studies (Was: NLP)

Chris Jack chris_jack at msn.com
Fri Sep 7 12:59:16 BST 2007

> You might think those sorts of things don't require any research. But> BBC radio this morning managed to squeeze in reports of all these> 'findings' into an update less than a minute wrong:> > * Artificial additives can cause hyperactivity in children.> > * Teenagers who binge drink are more likely to face social problems in> later life.> > * Youngsters who consume a lot of alcohol are at a higher risk of> becoming involved with crime or drugs.> > Who knew?
I've always assumed these were public service announcements tarted up as news and with enough variation to avoid boredom. People need reminding of things - preferably by associating certain behaviours with negative outcomes. I also have this image of a chief editor with a list of non-real news that needs covering every morning. Radio 4 usually has something on nutrition, exercise, and mental health. And after a while you realise there's a list of usual suspects who tend to get quoted on things. All hail to Marjorie Wallace from Sane for instance.
On the subject of which, it would be much appreciated if I got some donations from this list for my charity trek through the Sahara on behalf of the mental health charity Sane. For more details and to support me, go to: www.justgiving.com/chrisjackChris
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