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Tue Sep 11 17:20:59 BST 2007


> Hi Chris.
>>> [Expectation that experts should be able to explain stuff]
>> My experience of psychology and spirituality is just that: experiential.
>> If I told you some of the exercises we got up to at Tantra, I imagine (and
>> that is my imagining, which may or may not be correct) it would both be
>> open to being misconstrued and would lack the power of the experience that
>> I had. I have heard other people on workshops say similar things.
>> There's something in Zen buddhism about not being able to describe Zen
>> without losing your own Zen nature. For someone like me, from an academic
>> background - that can sometimes be a frustrating thing to deal with.
> Douglas Hofstadter writes about Zen, logic, and paradox in his monumental
> "Godel, Escher, Bach". I think he illuminates matters somewhat; however, I
> may have lost my Zen nature by believing so. :)

Recently Hofstadter has updated his ideas in "I am a Strange Loop". Which 
basically contends that our souls are like strange self-referential 
feedback loops. Interestingly he also suggests that your strange loop may 
not be limited to just one mind --- they can be shared.

Generally speaking I think you have to look after your loop. Whether you 
use NLP, cognitive behavioural therapy, spirituality, religon - they all 
offer memes for adjusting your loop - use the one that works for you. Now 
there's a friendly meme --- TMTOWTDI.

Talking of shared loops ... I've always been surprised at the level of 
agro on this list. We are all in each other's head space to some extent 
and generally I think there should be more karma++ on

More karma++;


p.s. I wonder who is going to prove my point by flaming me?

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