NLP - more karma++ please

Chris Jack chris_jack at
Wed Sep 12 16:51:01 BST 2007

> Generally speaking I think you have to look after your loop. Whether you > use NLP, cognitive behavioural therapy, spirituality, religon - they all > offer memes for adjusting your loop - use the one that works for you. Now > there's a friendly meme --- TMTOWTDI.
I certainly agree there is more than one path to happiness and enlightenment - but I also believe there is something different to be learnt from the different approaches. Each has it's own nuances and subtleties. Tantra can teach you about creating energy waves in your body, touch, valley orgasms, multiple male orgasms, and all sorts of other good stuff that I kind of think NLP, CBT, et al shy away from. But then Tantra doesn't have a lot to say about marketing, influence, and so on that, say, NLP is reputed to be good at.
> Talking of shared loops ... I've always been surprised at the level of > agro on this list. We are all in each other's head space to some extent > and generally I think there should be more karma++ on> > More karma++;
Here's throwing ++karma++ at you. You can have it both pre and post incremented.
> NIge> > p.s. I wonder who is going to prove my point by flaming me?
The above was an elaboration on a discussion, not a flame.
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