Perl at the BBC?

Richard Jolly Richard.Jolly at
Mon Sep 17 10:38:53 BST 2007 at wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 16, 2007 at 10:37:21PM +0100, Paul Golds wrote:
>> On 9/16/07, John Costello <cos at> wrote:
>>> While a friend was searching for jobs at the BBC, I decided to look
>>> at their Perl jobs.  My curiosity was quashed.  The keyword search
>>> returned no results.  Don't they have a sizable Perl presence?

Yes! I'll try and find out the best way to apply, but I'd also be happy
to forward a directy enquiry as well.

>> The BBC is a very varied organisation, different departments using
>> different technologies- including Perl.  I think the largest
>> department which uses it heavily will be the news/weather website
>> folks, but a lot of them will use it to one extent or another.

It's still the default language in FM&T, which builds much of the public
facing web stuff.

> If you poke through the Catalyst and DBIx::Class mailing list
> archives you can find at least one group there using perl.

There is more than one using Catalyst, though mostly for internal
applications. We use both, and are very thankful for them.

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