Perl at the BBC?

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Mon Sep 17 11:24:29 BST 2007

--- Richard Jolly <Richard.Jolly at> wrote:

> >>> While a friend was searching for jobs at the BBC, I decided to
> look
> >>> at their Perl jobs.  My curiosity was quashed.  The keyword
> search
> >>> returned no results.  Don't they have a sizable Perl presence?
> Yes! I'll try and find out the best way to apply, but I'd also be
> happy
> to forward a directy enquiry as well.

I'd highly recommend to everyone that you go the "direct enquiry" route
if available.  A few months ago, when it looked like our company was a
bit shaky, I applied for a position with the BBC and only had their
online application process available.  I received an email which
politely informed me that I did not have sufficient qualifications for
a Perl/Web development position with the BBC.

Not to sound arrogant, but *cough*.


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