Perl Obfuscator

chromatic chromatic at
Tue Sep 18 18:05:06 BST 2007

On Tuesday 18 September 2007 07:31:14 Chris Jack wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good, free Perl obfuscator. I had a search on
> Google, and there seem to be a zillion out there - but which one should I
> choose? It needs to be able to handle classes, packages, include files etc
> without effecting functionality/output.

/usr/bin/ruby -- it strips off most of the sigils and runs usually at least at 
half the speed and doesn't support but a fraction of the CPAN, but at least 
there's no documentation, no strict or warnings, no sensible linebreaks, and 
everything you love about Perl prototypes is out in force.

For the first time in my life: SCNR,
-- c

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