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Tue Sep 18 21:37:07 BST 2007

Nigel Rantor wrote:
> Jonathan Stowe wrote:
>> On Tue, 2007-09-18 at 14:31 +0000, Chris Jack wrote:
>>> Can anyone recommend a good, free Perl obfuscator. 
>> I'd recommend the original author of SOAP::Lite
>'s funny becasue it's true...

You guys can't begin to imagine the time and patience that went into the 
"SOAP::Lite Programming Reference" appendix of _Programming Web Services With 
Perl_. I won't deny that I haven't gone on to use some of the clever tricks he 
used, but I promise you that any time *I've* used them, I put in liberal 
amounts of commentary for future readers' sake (myself included).

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