Perl Obfuscator

Peter Corlett abuse at
Wed Sep 19 21:28:39 BST 2007

On 19 Sep 2007, at 20:48, Paul Johnson wrote:
> Early C++ compilers were basically preprocessors that output  
> equivalent
> C code and fed it to a C compiler.  Some of the generated code was
> magnificent.  And some of it was buggy, and needed to be sent through
> intermediary filters to fix it.

I have, fortunately, not encountered any of that. I did poke at C++  
pre-STL and it sucked hard vacuum.

> Ah, happy days.

They were happy days indeed, being days before I'd seen the horrors  
of C++.

> Are you talking about that?  Or did you manage to reinvent c++filt?

No, it's something slightly different. It's basically a colorgcc- 
alike that attempts to parse all the stuff that g++ barfs out when  
there's a compilation error and tries to compact and summarise it so  
I can find the broken line of code without seeing all the tentacled  
internals of the STL.

Go on, have a good laugh at my terrible early Perl code:

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