[OT] Mac JPEG viewer advice

Andy Armstrong andy at hexten.net
Sat Sep 29 15:26:43 BST 2007

On 29 Sep 2007, at 15:03, Andrew Black wrote:
> Here's some memory info
> Volume cache 1984KB
> Vitueller speicher 100MB
> Arbeitsspeicher 64MB
> The mac does not appear to have enough memory to load pics in jpeg
> viewer. Quick time picture viewer can display but one at a time and  
> slowly.

I don't know the answer - but I'd start here:


I gather that Arbeitsspeicher means Main Memory. From that page it  
looks to me as if every iMac they list shipped with at least 128Mb of  
RAM. So either that iMac has had some memory removed or it's older  
than 01/02.

If it just needs more RAM and you can find out which model it is I  
may be able find some memory modules that will work with it. She may  
be able to find useful information by running Apple System Profiler -  
which is on the Apple menu and probably has a different name in German.

If it's a PPC and it'll take at least 256Mb of RAM it'll probably run  
Tiger - but that's an extreme solution if she just wants to look at  
some pictures.

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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