[OT] Mac JPEG viewer advice

Ash Berlin ash_cpan at firemirror.com
Sat Sep 29 15:43:54 BST 2007

Chris Devers wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Sep 2007, Andrew Black wrote:
>> My other half has been sucked into giving advice to her mother who has 
>> an iMac. Nether of us are familiar with Macs.  We are not quite sure 
>> of the model number, think it is about 4 years old.
>> She wants a viewer for digital photos.  iPhoto (AFAIK) need MacOS X. 
>> (side issue - is that normally pronounced "ex" or "ten". Suspect it is 
>> a deliberate ambiguity)
> "Ten", but no one is confused if you say "ex". 

nonononoo. Oh-ess-ex.

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