Mac Oh-Ess-(Ex|Ten) (was: Mac JPEG viewer advice)

Andy Wardley abw at
Sun Sep 30 07:29:57 BST 2007

Chris Devers wrote:
> "Ten", but no one is confused if you say "ex". 

Although some Mac fan(boys|girls) can get mighty annoyed if you insist
on pronouncing it "Oh-Ess-Ex" even after they've diligently explained
to you that it's "Oh-Ess-Ten", and it even says so on Apple's web site,
and Steve Jobs kills a kitten every time someone says "Oh-Ess-Ex", and
who needs two buttons on a mouse anyway?

That should be enough to convince you that "Oh-Ess-Ex" is the right one
to use. :-)  Also, it rolls off the tongue easier, IMHO.

Anyway, I'm sure I'm not along in saying that I <heart/> my OSX Macs.
Best thing to happen to Unix since Linux.

Sorry, I can't offer any advice on Oh-Ess-Nine (other than: upgrade).
That was before my time.


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