Mixing file IO and signals

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Tue Oct 2 14:56:44 BST 2007

>>>>> "PLE" == Paul LeoNerd Evans <leonerd at leonerd.org.uk> writes:

  PLE> I'm attempting to write a single-thread async. IO program, that is
  PLE> trying to perform the "Holy Trinity" of async. behaviour... That is, to
  PLE> handle file IO, signals, and timeouts all at once.

simple, use event.pm which delivers signals as event callbacks and all
done in c so they are safe. you also get timeouts. async file i/o is
more of a pain. check out IO::AIO which does some of this. i have plans
for a new module which will do true async file IO, support plugins,
multiple platforms and hook into any event loop to allow for a complete
solution. if you want to help on that module, let me know. i was working
on the specs/design with a german friend but i placed him in a job and
now he has no spare time for this! :/ i need someone who knows XS/C to
work on the guts though much of this would be in perl too. the XS part
is almost all conversions of perl data to/from c.


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