car identity

Dirk Koopman djk at
Fri Oct 5 15:23:27 BST 2007

Greg Sheard wrote:
> However, I can definitely say it was registered in Middlesbrough between 
> 1903 and 1965, and based on the number, a 1930-ish date seems 
> reasonable. (Number plate info from 
>, if you want to look at it).

The DVLA (surprising) answered my enquiry and, although they don't have 
a record of it anymore, they narrow the date down to 1903 to 1930, in 

What I am actually trying to do is date this photo:-         (warning: large photo)

Another way may be to trace the brewery: C S Constable & Sons Arundel

(Beer? Who mentioned beer?).

Anyway, thank you and David for helping, is been most useful.


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