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Lyle - CosmicPerl.com perl at cosmicperl.com
Sat Oct 6 03:52:55 BST 2007

Andy Armstrong wrote:
>> Oh... are any of them included with the Perl core like CGI.pm is?
> Nope.
Then unfortunately they are not much good to me for most of the software 
I produce as it ends up on all kinds of servers and often on shared 
hosting where hosts wont have much more than the core installed. You 
wouldn't believe how many hosts have Perl and MySQL installed, but not 
the DBI and DBD::mysql modules. Sometimes it's a real pain to get them 
to install them as well...
  "Look you advertise on your site that your hosting has Perl and MySQL, 
but without installing these modules Perl cannot talk to MySQL..." and 
so on. The excuses some of them come up with, usually in the end I find 
that they don't know how to install additional Perl modules, so with a 
little guidance they do it (Why I made the page 
http://www.cosmicscripts.com/servers/perlmodules.html on my site). As it 
goes PHP having MySQL support by default has contributed a lot to it's 
usage. If someone would manage to convince P5P to include DBI and 
DBD::mysql in the core (I've failed) I'd buy them a drink.. hell.. I'd 
buy them ten!
  Still, I try my best to stick to core modules.


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