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Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Sat Oct 6 05:32:01 BST 2007

chromatic wrote:
> On Friday 05 October 2007 19:52:55 Lyle - CosmicPerl.com wrote:
>> As it goes PHP having MySQL support by default has contributed a lot to it's
>> usage. If someone would manage to convince P5P to include DBI and
>> DBD::mysql in the core (I've failed) I'd buy them a drink.. hell.. I'd
>> buy them ten!
> Then you (for various values of that pronoun) would be here complaining that 
> the versions of DBI and DBD::mysql in the core are several years out of date.
> Why would you subject your customers to shared hosting that is either 
> completely ignorant of or unwilling to follow standard Perl practices?  This 
> does not give me confidence in their abilities in other areas.

This is exactly what I was going to say.  Good hosting is *cheap*. 
Programmer time is very expensive.  Pulling an example out of my ass,
Amazon (EC2) will give you a dual-core system with 512M of RAM and
basically unlimited disk for somthing like $75/month (plus storage +
bandwidth costs, which are probably minimal).  $75 is about an hour of
programmer time.  If having a nice setup on EC2 saves you one hour of
your time, then it turns out to be free.  And you get hosting too.

So the point is, screwing around with braindead $2/month hosts is
silly.  If your time is worth anything at all, then you're wasting your
money with those hosts. 

And of course, you're wasting even more time by not using CPAN.  There
is some good stuff in the core, but there is a lot more good stuff on
the CPAN.  Learn to love it :)

Jonathan Rockway

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