Brown trousers time :~

Lyle - perl at
Mon Oct 8 12:16:39 BST 2007

Ovid wrote:
> So how do you ensure your code is both correct and complete?  It's
> tough, but testing is one of the best ways to get close.  I'd recommend
> the O'Reilly book "Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook"
> (  (disclaimer: I was
> one of the reviewers, so I may be biased).  Once you learn to start
> automated testing, so many other "hard" problems in programming become
> so much easier.
Already got that book as well :)
> Once you have a correct and complete system built, with tests, then you
> can profile and optimize to your heart's content and feel much more
> confident that you haven't broken anything.
Good points. I'm just afraid I'll have to re-code chunks, seems I need 
to just bite the bullet and get stuck in.


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